Biscayne High School

Public School in jacksonville, FL

Biscayne High School is located in jacksonville, Florida. The school belongs to Duval District, and its zip code is 32218-4782. The contact phone number of Biscayne High School is 8884379353. provides access to our entire database of all elementary, intermediate, middle, junior high, K-12, high schools and magnet schools in Florida.

Biscayne High School Location

Biscayne High School is located at 1680 DUNN AVE, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32218-4782.

Overview of Biscayne High School

  • District: Duval
  • Address: 1680 DUNN AVE, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32218-4782
  • Phone: 8884379353
  • Fax: N/A
  • School Principal:
  • Website:
  • School Email:

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